Friday, October 2, 2009

New series of smart

Sony Ericsson The uniqueness of G700 is the use of the touch screen. This screen can withstand the onslaught of our nails and thumb. But after some time, feel more comfortable using a stylus. I think, the position of the stylus on the top left corner of the body, more comfortable to reach those who are left-handed. And somehow, it felt that the stylus is very thin so we'll worry about accidentally breaking it.

Consider, on the right side and bottom of the screen there are a number of lines and points. But this seems just a marker, for not found a specific function when pressed or menggeseknya.

Like any other Symbian-based phones, on the bottom of the screen a row of icons. In this phone include four spots (to the main menu), arrows (My shortcuts), people (Favorite contacts), date (Calendar), and envelope (New messages). The 4-way navigation button is also a shortcut to four applications; this shortcut can be reset. Oya, the default left menu button will open the Calls, whereas the right to the More menu.

Seeing special shortcut keys that have, seem targeted segment that Sony Ericsson are those who like to scribble and SMS maniacs. Note the shortcut keys Notes (folded paper display) and keyboard shortcuts Messaging (envelope) that is on the edge of the left and right.

These notes become interesting, because we can save the handwriting or drawing sketches. File it could later arranged like a slide show. In the Message we can even send a text message. Will then be sent in the form of MMS or e-mail. Note, there is the option to send the message as a fax (Send as> Fax).

If we usually hit the button with a particular combination to lock the keypad (and display), here we do not have to bother anymore. Live penguncinya push the button on the left body. Very easy to recognize this key because there is a picture of keys on it. Alternatively, push the * key once to the top right of the menu text appears Lock keys. In this series, On-Off button is made separately; placed on the body, right corner. But we can still turn off the phone from the menu, like most other Symbian-based phones.

The main camera has 3 MP G700. Unmitigated, Sony Ericsson provides a nice 2 lamp-lit, useful when shooting in dim places. Because the brightness, the lamp can be used as a flashlight. The menu can be accessed from the Organizer> Torch. Then we can choose to burn for 1 minute, the flame continuously until turned off, or blinking as SOS code.

Camera button can be found on the right body, a little lower. Location quite good when the phone is used in a horizontal condition. Punch-hold this button will activate the image or video, which depends on when you last used.

Settings for photos and video, including complete. For photos, there are options Normal, Panorama, Multi-shot mode to Shoot the Picture option size of 3MP, 2MP, 1MP, VGA. After dijepret, the results can be immediately improved with Photo fix. As for video, only option 2 Shoot mode: Hi-quality video and for MMS. We also can choose to record or not record sound with the video.

Secondary camera on the left of the screen. Along with 3G facilities, which is used for video calls - or Sony Ericsson phone video call. Use the menu Rear / Front camera to move the camera during a video call to. But do not look the same menu as jeprat-snap photos or record video.

Radio fans can rejoice because the G700 also provides a radio. Of course with a headset tercolok terms. This time Sony Ericsson puts the headset port, the charger port at the same time and data port, the body slightly to the left below. Note: M2 slot is just next to the meeting with the port. Equipped radio and RDS TrackID. The funny thing is, there Sleep can turn off the radio automatically according to the time set and resume audio.

Speakers placed behind the body, rather the bottom corner. I think, lies not so profitable because of frequent hand so ketutupan a muffled voice. Whereas voice control is easy to do because there is the volume 2-way placed on the right body. The sound is produced, including clear. Moreover, there is support equalizer.

How to remove the battery casing cover quite confusing. But it was kind of a hole under the body to menyongkelnya. The back of the body look good with straight lines that stand out. According to Sony Ericsson, there's no special reason for choosing these designs; just simply beautiful shape. But, the design seems pretty helpful so no slick handheld phone.

Casing was relatively clean of traces of fat fingers because berpermukaan matte. Bronze color combinations of light and dark exotic look for users who like fashion.

Plus: The function of work and entertainment, good camera


Sony Ericsson G700


 Sony Ericsson G700

GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz, UMTS (3G)




107x50x15 mm


98 grams


Li-Polymer 3.6V 950mAh (BST-33 series)


average of 4 days


average of 5 hours


59mm (2.4 inch), TFT, 240x320 pixels, 262K colors

Internal memory

160 MB

Additional memory

Memory Stick Micro (supports up to 4GB)

Connectivity between devices

data cable, Bluetooth

Internet connectivity

3G, the browser








SMS, MMS, Email


Time & alarms, Tasks, Notes, Speed contacts, Remote sync (Calendar / Tasks, Contacts, Bookmarks, Notes), Converter (Distances, Volumes, Weights, Temperatures, Speeds, Areas, Currencies), Timer, Stopwatch, Calculator, Torch, Quickoffice (Document, Music, Other, Picture, Video), Pdf +, Camera, PlayNow, TrackID, FM radio, video phone, RSS feeds, MusicDJ, Sound recorder, Sudoku, sims2, Calendar

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