Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nokia 5530 Xpress Music

Along with the event Nokia Connection 2009, Nokia launched a new music device, XpressMusic 5530. This is the second product that uses XpressMusic touch-screen interface or a touchscreen. It features a distinct look of the frame with stainless steel finish and five attractive color options.


As a music player, the Nokia 5530 XM can play music up to 27 hours nonstop, and has been equipped 4GB memory card. Inserting digital music can easily be done with the Nokia Music for PC. 2.9-inch widescreen with a resolution of 640 × 360 pixels on offer seemed quite ideal to play the video, while the camera is supplied with a 3.2 megapixel LED flash.

One innovative feature introduced is the "people Carousel", which is a small picture of the closest friends you (maximum 20 friends) who like the Nokia Contacts Bar 5800XM (previously limited to only 5 people). For data connections, there is support for GSM / EDGE and Wi-Fi. No 3G and GPS features, but at least the price is quite affordable, only about 199 Euro (approximately USD 3 million). Who is interested?

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