Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Review Nokia E63

Nokia E63 has a QWERTY keyboard equipped with Nokia, Nokia N63 is made to continue the greatness E71. Nokia N63 is a cheap version of the Nokia E71. The feature is also not as much as the Nokia E71. E63 prices at least more affordable than the price of E71.

Nokia E63 is a business mobile phone equipped with a lot of connectivity for business and delivery of a package adalam messages. Nokia N63 can run all function well without exception.

Nokia E63 official photos

Do not compare Nokia E71 with the Nokia E63 because it was different class. But Nokia E63 still impressive for us. Let's look superior features of the Nokia E63.

Main features:
• Network Quad-band GSM
• Support 3G
• Screen size landscape "2:36" inch 16M-color QVGA resolution
• Symbian OS 9.2, display S60 with FP1
• 369 MHz ARM CPU 11 and 128 MB SDRAM
• Wi-Fi
• Camera 2 megapixel fixed focus with LED flash
• internal memory of 120 MB, equipped with a microSD slot
• standard 3.5mm audio Jack
• Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP support
• v2.0 microUSB
• FM Radio
• QWERTY keyboard is comfortable to use
• shortcut key
• Support provider-independent VoIP
• Application opening and editing office documents
• Nokia Map
• Use friendly
• Durability of good battery
• Remote Lock and Wipe feature
• Free one year to open the file Ovi

• Poor camera performance
• Video recording with resolution QVGA @ 15fps
• There is no GPS
• There is no support for RDS on FM Radio
• Jack 3.5mm are less well protective design
• No USB cable included in sales box
• There is no game

Nokia E63 is cheaper version of the Nokia E71 features similar to Nokia E61i - 2 megapixel camera and no GPS. The camera on the Nokia E71 is also equal to disappoint with the E63 camera, but it also does not have GPS on the E71, you must connect it with an external Bluetooth GPS, if you want to make it as a GPS.

Nokia E63 in our office

The design of the Nokia E63 is not there a significant difference with the Nokia E71. It's just that Nokia E63 does not coated metal material such as the Nokia E71. Perhaps this is one of the causes of price differences on the E71 and E63.
We saw a few other competitors that class with the Nokia E63, and they also have been equipped with a QWERTY and nickname keboard smart phone.

Before we look at its competitors, let us see what is inside the Nokia E61i. Features and specifications are the same as that owned by Nokia E63. But the Nokia E61i has a 2 years ago since issued by Nokia. And must have RAM and CPU under Nokia E63. Possible Nokia E63 will be preferred over the Nokia E61i, although both rely on qwerty keyboard.


  1. The camera is pretty rubbish, but unless you really want a phone that doubles as a camera, this is a quality phone.

  2. Fantastic phone with affordable price, it beats blackberry with its symbian OS and Wi Fi. It has 3.5 audio jack so music sound is extremely good I like it.

  3. Ooh, I love that red Nokia E63! But I got the black one, sadly. :( Wanna know what I think of the phone? Check out my Nokia E63 review. Thanks! :)