Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lenovo LePad

Lenovo IdeaPad re-introducing hybrid U1 which had been exhibited at CES 2010. Like last year, the Hybrid is a device that terdirid ari two parts, first is a standalone tablet (now called Lenovo LePad) and keyboard / docking station with battery, a separate processor, and hard drives. When undocked / off, you can use separate tablets.

Lenovo Tablet, LePad, eventually opened his arrival. Confirmation is sent directly by Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqin about the launch of Android tablet that will begin this month. Lenovo LePad expected to be priced in the price range of USD399 to USD449.
Lenovo also has reduced the size of this LePad tablet device. There are also keyboard optional docking station that allows you to touch type in LePad in fashion Android.
Last year's version has a 1GHz processor Snapdragon.

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