Monday, March 14, 2011

HTC Flyer

HTC Flyer is a product of the HTC leak. Until recently, there has been no official word when HTC Flyer will be sold and what price will the HTC Flyer peg to the consumer.

However, according to Digitimes, HTC will release a smart phone called the HTC Flyer in March 2011.
HTC sequel will also launch two tablets are certainly bigger and more expensive in June.

An interesting and of concern in tablet pc HTC Flayer this is the screen that carries a 7-inch touch screen, similar to that carried by the tablet pc Galaxy Tabs early version even though his presence will be immediately replaced by Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch version.

The presence of new tablet pc from HTC, called the HTC Flayer is widely mentioned would be a competitor or rival is quite heavy for a tablet pc Galaxy Tab 7 inch, especially with the present brings unique interface HTC Android OS Sense UI.

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