Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cisco Cius

Following the steps Apple, Cisco soon release his first tablet computer. However, this device will not be sold retail to the consumer market because it is intended for the needs of professionals in the corporate market.

Tablet Cius named using the Android platform that Google made based on open source. Cius plan launched by the end of this year and sold in 2011 will premiere in early years.

The size is slightly smaller than Apple's iPad. 7-inch wide screen just does not like the iPad is 9.7 inches. Ask any lighter weight than the 0.52 kg 0.68 kg iPad. Battery endurance long enough to reach 8 hours.

But, if the camera is not equipped iPad, Cius even already have two cameras. The main camera of high quality can be used for video streaming and video communications in realtime. The second camera as a webcam also has 5 megapixels.
Cius also provides features for managing email, instant messaging, and web browsing, via WiFi and 4G networks. Her presence is accompanied cloud computing service that allows users to save data / documents on the internet and access them from anywhere.

"Platforms like this can transform the way healthcare professionals in clinics serve patients, changing the way retailers provide better service to customers, or how the university provides world class education to its students," said Tony Bates, senior vice president at Cisco as reported by AFP, Wednesday (06/30/2010).

Prior to Cisco, Dell has also been developing Android-based tablet with a Streak. Smaller size and designed to be more practical ditenteng everywhere. Apple as a pioneer in tablet even has sold more than 3 million units since its launch iPad past 3 April 2010.


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