Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Spica

Phone fans with the android operating system made by Google may be happy that Samsung took mobile phone named Galaxy Spica android sold at affordable prices, ie USD 3,499,000 in Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Saturday (27/2/2010). If you Mandiri credit card users, you can buy Galaxy Spica worth USD 2,999,000 to be repaid in 12 months with 0 percent interest
Lucky again, the first 100 buyers Galaxy Spica promo sold today only at Grand Indonesia is going to get a free internet play via phone for a month. "If for example in terms of price, we reach it. It felt right when the market just android HCT and others. But our advantage, we can provide a portable Samsung and to market new, more affordable," said Product Marketing Android Samsung, Pambudi found in the Galaxy Spica sales outlets in Grand Indonesia.

Since the opening of sales, around 10:00 visitors began to fill the area, and see Spica Galaxy products are available in two colors white and black. As for advantages, as well as other android phones, Samsung Galaxy Spica has completed all the applications like google maps google, google talks, and other applications that can always be upgraded.

The difference is, Samsung Galaxy Spica present in the model HVGA touch screen TFT 3.2 K 65 touch sensitive full so easy to use. Regarding the speed of data access, Galaxy Spica is equipped with 800 MHz processor and 128 MB of RAM that enables extra fast acceleration to upload data, file transfer and video streaming from the Internet.

Play a game feels more responsive because access applications run smoothly without a hitch with 150 mAh battery long lasting. Plus options diverse enough connectivity so that users can continue to connect through Wi-Fi and HSDPA 3.6 Mbps and Bluetooth and USB. Equipped with a qwerty keyboard in a super-sensitive touch screen allows a user types a Chat or Messaging.

Users will also be facilitated by three screens that are provided in one phone and can be easily replaced simply by sliding the screen to the right or left. Entertainment was provided quite comprehensive in many features such as multimedia player for video and audio files in various formats. The resulting image quality was quite good with a 3MP camera with DNSe quality sound and large data storage capacity in a microSD. Interested?


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  1. its great mobile phone, but so expensive to me.. @.@