Friday, April 1, 2011

Samsung I9001 Galaxy S Plus

Unlike earlier generations of Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung I9001 Galaxy S Plus is wrapped with a metallic body in the back. Smartphone this one also has similarities with the Galaxy S II Mini, which is already integrated with the road map O2. Slightly different from the Samsung Galaxy S II Mini is the size of screen is only 3.7 inches.

But apparently the version of the original Galaxy S was ignored. It seems the presence of is to fill the gap between Galaxy S Ace and Galaxy Galaxy S II. Galaxy S Plus is expected to compete with other Android smartphones continue to emerge.

When you see the specifications shown, originally Galaxy S Plus will fill gaps in its product portfolio in 2011, ie between Galaxy S II and Galaxy Ace.
Interestingly again, to design the Samsung Galaxy S Plus will apply the metal rear cover.

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  1. I appreciate your effort in supplying the phone specifications. :)