Saturday, March 12, 2011

Altek Leo: Smartphone Android With Camera 14 MP

It seems that Altek has found a niche with their Altek Leo 3.5G smartphone. Beginning first quarter 2011, imaging technology leader Altek roars onto the continent with Leo, the world’s first Android-enabled 3.5G smart phone to feature an HD-capable 14-megapixel camera. You say that other smart phones have cameras? Leo eats them for breakfast. By starting with the best available digital imaging technology, Altek has built a cutting-edge Android device with unmatched photographic and video capabilities.

Leo doesn’t skimp on the features users have come to expect in today’s crowded smart phone market. Leo’s built in GPS makes navigation and geotagging images a snap. Digital imaging and video are where Leo really shows its teeth. Leo also shoots crystal clear 720p HD digital video, capturing life’s memorable moments anytime and anywhere.

Leo’s 3x optical zoom represents a breakthrough in smart phone design by delivering a feature photographers have come to expect from today’s cameras, but not from their mobile devices. Whether at 36mm or full 108mm equivalent magnification, Leo takes sharp, vivid images every time. How does the leader in digital camera technology start a revolution in smart phone design? At the core of Altek’s camera technology is the Sunny 9 digital image processor. It is the brainchild of Altek’s crack team of design professionals—industry leaders and PhDs working to develop latest chip technology to power Altek’s cameras and smart phones.

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