Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fujitsu rolls out Tablet computers

Fujitsu unveiled the Lifebook T580 and TH550, the company's first Tablet computers to feature a three-way input method.

Users can write with a stylus, type on the spill-resistant keyboard or just use the touchscreen. Fujitsu said the Tablet computers use a dual digitiser technology that optimises the display for both stylus use and finger gestures.

The devices also feature a four-point multitouch technology that allows users to maximise or minimise windows by sweeping three fingers on the screen upwards or downwards.

By using four fingers, users can highlight pictures and have it uploaded to Facebook or Twitter.

Each of the device weigh 1.4kg and have a 10.1in HD touchscreen that is designed to enrich the user's multimedia, visual and mobile experience, the company said.

The T580 and TH550, which run on Windows 7 Professional/Home Premium, use an Intel HD Graphics chip and also have HDMI and VGA outputs, so users can easily hook it up to a HDTV.

Despite the small size, the T580 can be configured to include an Intel Core i3-380UM or Core i5-560UM processor. The TH550 can be configured with a Core i3-380UM or Pentium U5400 processor.

The low-voltage processors allow the devices to run up to 7.2 hours on a single battery charge, the company said. The prices for the T580 and TH550 are RM3,988 and RM3,688 respectively.


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