Monday, October 18, 2010

HTC 7 Mozart

The first word that came to our mind when handling the HTC 7 Mozart was "classy." The aluminum unibody construction conveys a rare sense of rigidity and durability to this phone, while its overall curvature, 3.7-inch LCD screen, and ergonomics invoke memories of the company's Desire and Nexus One Android products. Which is no bad thing, particularly if you thought the Desire was a fine phone that could do with a more upmarket enclosure.

We feel like this melting of the Legend's aluminum shell and the Desire's proportions is a match made in heaven, and Windows Phone 7 responsive ways have done little to dissuade us. The whole 7 Mozart package feels like a perfectly pitched (we had to!) ploy for the mainstream market, with its good looks, slick profile, and sharp-looking OS. The somewhat generic hardware on offer is a spectral presence hanging over all of HTC phones at this launch, but we're too in love with the 7 Mozart build quality to care right now. Enjoy the pictures below, video coming soon!


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