Friday, September 17, 2010

Tablet Inspiron

Dell Computer companies exhibiting tablet PC that has a unique design with a screen that can be played and completed on the keyboard in 2010 Intel Developer Forum, Tuesday (14/09/2010). Windows-based 10-inch tablets that immediately gets warm welcome from those present at the IDF event in 2010.

The interesting thing about the tablet PC is like a tablet PC-no-he generally has a keyboard. How a tablet can have a keyboard? It turned out that these tablets could be opened and the screen can be flipped 180 degrees. In front of the screen, the keyboard is like on a notebook.

Inspiron named Tablet is equipped dual-core Atom processors and Windows operating system 7. "Any time we have to work. Tablet is interesting for entertainment, for some people but not too much to support productivity," said Intel's representative when demonstrating the product. "However, this one is different," he said as he opened the tablet and show a hidden keyboard.

Interested? Products will begin to be marketed this year. So, be patient.

source : kompas

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