Friday, September 17, 2010

iPod Touch

Finally, the new model also comes equipped with an iPod Touch features four leading iPhone is predicted for this line. Two of these Apple products are like nut halves. Many are calling the iPod Touch as an iPhone without the phone.

It is recognized myself as CEO Steve Jobs introduces the newest Apple products in San Francisco, Wednesday (01/09/2010) local time. For Apple, the iPod Touch has become the main coffers and provide significant benefits such as the iPhone. Although without a phone, iPod Touch new impressions could be going after the iPhone 4.

"Touch has become a product that really means for us. He is the most popular iPod. People call it the iPhone without the phone. He also subscribed iPhone without a contract. However, it has become the number one portable game player in the world," said Steve Jobs enthusiastically.

Steve Jobs claims, sales of the iPod Touch so far exceeded even the total sales of Nintendo's and Sony portable device. iPod Touch, according to Jobs, control more than 50 percent market share in portable game players worldwide. Because of the popularity, more than 1.5 billion gaming applications and other entertainment content downloaded on the app store from the iPod Touch only so far.

In this fourth-generation iPod Touch, Apple also revised to be more classy. "We make it better. More thinner and prettier," said Steve Jobs.

Like the iPhone 4, the latest iPod Touch using Retina-screen display that shows the quality and resolution is sharp and crisp images. Piksel quality LCD screen four times normal, with 326 ppi, 24 bit color, and support for LED backlit.

For the first time, the processor also is used also in A4 iPod Touch. In addition, the device comes gyroskop three-axis motion sensor to support a more refined and accurate. At the front there is a camera for video calls via WiFi service through better FaceTime with other iPod Touch or iPhone 4.

The main camera on the back was able to record HD video and battery charger capable of running HD video for 40 hours without stopping. There are also features of iMovie to do editing (trim) video.

Special, the newest iPod touch become the first product Apple released the latest version of IOS platform with 4.1, also launched simultaneously. One new feature in the latest is a Game Center platform that allows users to share games with other fellow users.

However, her physical appearance is slightly different with the iPhone 4. Rear side is not flat, but curved like the first versions of the iPod Touch. There are three variants available each with a the official price 229 U.S. dollars for the 8 GB version, 299 dollars for 32 GB, and 399 U.S. dollars for the 64 GB.

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