Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab Is Ready To Launch

Now increasingly tight competition in the technology course with each new product release with all the features and quality of good. As with the famous pendor such as Samsung are not constantly release continues with a fascinating series, making consumers dizzy.
In this competition is not running out of Samsung design, this is the latest product from Samsung is ready to compete with the top tablet. Samsung Galaxy Tab is a product that would compete with the new tablets.
Is Samsung Galaxy Tab will be a success like its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S, we just have to wait developments.
Spesipikasi are going on display by Samsung Galaxy Tab, has a 7 inch screen and also
A8 processor that runs with kecepetan 1.2GHz, with a weight reached 370 grams. In addition, the battery used measuring 4.00 mAh. With the memory capacity on the inside, is mounted 16GB, and also coupled with microSDD could be increased up to 32GB.

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