Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nokia N9

Now it's time to welcome the arrival of the Nokia N9, Some kind of a cool phone ready for launch and pricing Nokia N9 was equally good in every segment of the high-end, Middle and low-end class. Nokia as a major mobile phone vendors and has the world's largest consumer members really give a new thing to pamper its customers. Hence they continue to innovate with new products.

This time Nokia will release a series of luxury mobile phones Nokia N9 with support for advanced features that have been using a new generation of Symbian OS ^ 3. In addition to support high-resolution camera 12 mega pixels with xenon flash and beyond the price of the Nokia N9 who gossips quite expensive gadget is ready to provide customer satisfaction in multimedia features good pictures and video. Super AMOLED touchscreen 16 million color will give the appearance of luxury to this handset.

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