Friday, August 20, 2010

LG KS365

Mobile phones of today are no longer a trend but a necessity, in the present life will need to communicate with mobile phones have become everyday needs so that the community needs for mobile phone purchasing power increasing from year to year.

So that the vendors do not want to catch one of their competitors Motorola, LG is now preparing to launch its newest product in order to compete with other vendors. LG released a new series on the label give LG KS365.

LG KS365 has a touch screen resolution of 320x240 pixels, 2.4 inches on the screen diagonal. 2 MP camera is class, with support for EDGE data channel image file upload photos to the world of cyberspace. In addition to music-radio player, LG QWERTY sliders this side also instilled an FM radio facility for additional entertainment media.

Not until there is a memory equipped LG KS365 internal memory capacity of LG KS365 is felt less, so crammed as an addition to the capacity of the microSD slot. Judging from the look and style of design, color, KS365 segment predicted to be released flirtatious frisky young, we just wait LG KS365 presence in the homeland.

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