Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Samsung S8500 Wave

This time, Samsung new wave with Bada OS, OS dicreate by Samsung themselves. This is the first phone from Samsung with this operating system. Existing applications on Samsung Wave, all supported by Samsung App Store. With this Samsung really expect users to feel comfortable and at home.
Advantages offered by Samsung this Wave features that allow users to connect to their social network accounts like Facebook and Twitter. Samsung plans to make phones that meet the needs of mobile users, simplify and simplify.
This certainly will be more - and are equally convincing - a device to difference Samsung wants to do well. Support the right developer and fast-growing app store will be a must. So, it takes hard work but there's something to be optimistic - the eldest promising. OK, cautiously optimistic prefer to Android, Windows or Symbian Phone 7 ^ 3 predators lurking in the vicinity.
From the specifications of this phone, Bluetooth 3.0 is also almost did not come out again, but Samsung S8500 Wave has support for it added a much faster version of Wi-Fi - 802.11n. In addition, Samsung also put the CPU 1GHz, which is the fastest mobile CPU on the market and become the new OS looks excellent with Samsung.

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