Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sony Eriksson Xperia (X5)

Sony Ericsson is not inferior to other vendors, at the beginning know this 2010 Sony Ericsson launches the newest products with other types of Xperia, Sony Ericsson mobile phones more fesyenabel.
Body was so glamorous, with a transparent LCD Monocrome unique and fascinating.
Scratch resistant casing, which makes it still shiny. Structure is etched features with bandrol look exorbitant (10,000,000) of the offer by the X5, for lovers of fashion, this masterpiece attractive Siemens.
Pureness Xperia comes with the concept completely different from the Xperia X1. Pureness is one masterpiece of Sony Ericsson mobile phone category stylist. Not a smartphone, though supported by HSDPA.
When Sony Ericsson (Soner) announced that they released a new series called Xperia Pureness, is a looming continuation smartphone Xperia X1, which is so tough to Sony Ericsson smartphone category. But when he saw this new phone, in fact it was the wrong image. Pureness Xperia is not a smart phone. He is a stylist phone that comes with all the grace.

There was a stack of typical applications such as smart phones in X1. Pureness who have this X5 codes have only standard features. Do not even have a camera, although it can be used to view the downloaded picture. The screen was just black and white (monochrome). But make no mistake, this is precisely the screen is the center of attention X5. Transparent screen, such as water glass, which allows the display screen can be seen from the front and rear (of course with the position reversed display).

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