Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Google Releasing Mobile phone Nexus One

This new year started Google launched a mobile phone named, Nexus One. At the Nexus One mobile phone is presented with new innovations and sophisticated. Like, platporm Android version 2.1, which supported 802 WiFi. 11n that would make the first smartphone that supports this technology.

802 WiFi. 11n is, the development of WiFi fropile earlier, with the added performance of the data transmission speed, streaming HD content (High-Definition), better performance for applications that run on Wi-Fi networks, such as VoIP, and provide a longer time to battery life

Nexus One, is also quite good in the processor, which uses Qualcomm's Snapdragon QSD8250 1GHz. And also can be operated properly to support data speeds of HSDPA and HSUPA channels. Then if the specifications of this mobile brings a new surprise? The answer is no! Because the feature was carried Nexus One was not much different from the 'brothers' who have their first Android operating system, such as HTC production. Whereas previously the news scene heralded Google makes consumers think that Google would issue something new on the cell phone.

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