Thursday, December 17, 2009

HTC Touch Viva

HTC Touch Viva is the version of 'budget' of the product line with features of the HTC touch screen. It looked strong impression on the outside appearance of this smartphone is far from elegant impression of looking at his brothers in Touch class. Some were forced to remove features including GPS and 3G network support to push the selling price of this product.
Actually appearances HTC Touch Viva is not so bad. Its basic form still follow the first-generation Touch with graphite finishing touches. So luxurious was missing because of some classes of products sold Touch more expensive is to use the finishing gloss black or metallic.
In terms of dimensions, the HTC Touch Viva is considered ideal in the sense of not too small but also not too large. Touch screen was not too large, measuring only 2.8 inches. Besides the touch screen did not support this feature capacitive touch screen but its performance is still good because it sort of quite responsive. There is one benefit of the screen size is not too large. Images and text look so much sharper.


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