Monday, October 19, 2009

REVIEW Nokia N81

Combination Entertainment, Music and Games

Several years ago, Nokia N-Gage presents as a mobile phone dedicated to the gamers. Unique design, was deliberately made for comfort when playing games. However, the current N-Gage was transformed into a platform. The plan, this platform will be embedded in mobile phones Nokia series N. One of the phones that have been buried with the N-Gage is Nokia N81. The phone was first introduced at the Nokia Go Play event in London and Singapore last August.

Nokia N81 comes in two versions. Ie N81 8GB with internal memory capacity of up to 8 GB and Nokia N81 which can diekspan memory using micro SD up to 2 GB. Cellular phone reviewed this edition is the Nokia N81. Focused on mobile games and music has a wide screen to support the eye comfort. Not forgetting 2 Mpix camera facilities are also embedded in this phone.

Robust sliding design Nokia N81 has dimensions of 102 x 50 x 17.9 mm. With these dimensions, the Nokia N81 looks a bit bongsor. Moreover, the weight reached 140 grams that makes this phone feels heavy when held. With a wide range of features and abilities that accompany multi-function, normal if this phone has a fairly heavy weight. When playing games, screen position can be set to landscape. The concept was created for comfort when playing games. But those who used to use the N-Gage will feel different to play games with the N81. Because there are no grooves on the phone body to move freely.

This phone has a wide screen, which is 2.4 inches at a resolution of 320x240 pixels. Support 16 million colors TFT display on the phone makes it seem clear. Especially when used to play games and see the quality of the image.

To access all the multimedia features like music player, games, internet, gallery, maps and phone book, do not need to go to the main menu. There are quick keys to access these features. Button located on the right side of the phone, next to the navigation key. In addition to quick access keys for multimedia features, N81-memilikitombol also dedicated buttons for music and games.

Nokia N81 is equipped with five-way navigation button to select the menu. There is something unique to this phone. The center can serve as tombolnavigasi navy wheel, as used on the iPod. However, this function can only work for the music player feature. With a sweep of the middle finger on the button, the user can select the desired music. If you do not want to use the wheel navy function, can switch off the phone settings menu.

The phone display interface uses Symbian S60 3rd edition.
Looks with Nokia phones and most userfriendly when operated. can diekspan With Symbian S60, this phone can work with Nokia's Internet services called Ovi to download tracks from Nokia Music Store and games from the N-Gage.

Being wrong games feature a superior design feature N81. With buried N-Gage platform, on-screen display so games more interesting. Button to play games together with the music player keys, depending on what features are in use. At the top of the phone, there are buttons for gaming features, which can function only when playing games in landscape mode. But it also depends on the type of games being played.

If the games do not support these buttons, the keypad does not have any function. In the tested prototype phone Cellular buried four types of games demo. One of them is FIFA Soccer 2007 and Creature Of The Deep (COTD). While playing FIFA Soccer 2007 users can choose to use the display screen portrait or landscape. As for types of fun games like COTD can only be played with a portrait display. When play was we only need to press the number 5.

The phone is equipped with two stereo speakers that emit a clear sound of music. Headset already using measuring 3.5 mm jack which is a headset jack for tandar. Headset slot located at the top of the phone. When using the headset, the music that came out as well as clear. Nokia N81 has Bluetooth technology supporting A2DP for listening to music using a wireless headset. Music player capabilities on this phone is a multi-tasking, so users can still access the other features while listening to music. Music player, has an equalizer settings to maximize the sound of musical genres.

2 Mpix camera with flash and a few settings for photos and record video. In the flash settings available red eye reduction to prevent the red eye of the camera shots. For photographing objects located in remote areas, by using the digital zoom up to 20x. Camera shots in a room with incandescent white balance settings showed good. for enough quality video recording, the duration could be arranged as you wish, provided that sufficient storage. Lighting settings on the same video with the camera image. Able to record video with kecepatan15 fps. The resulting video format is MP4, and can be played in Real player.modul Bluetooth GPS LD-3W is sold separately.

Nokia N81 uses micro USB data cable to connect your computer to a PC that can be adjusted with software Nokia PC Suite.Available also Bluetooth and WiFi as a complementary connection. With WiFi connectivity, we can make calls over the Internet without a SIM card called a VoIP friendly. With a variety of Internet connections such as WiFi, 3G/WCDMA, GPRS and EDGE for internet connection, we can surf in cyberspace using the Nokia Web Browser which supports HTML and xHTML. The second camera in the front of the phone, allows us to make video calls with the 3G network. For internet settings already provided settings wizard that will facilitate the connection when we change the operator.

Although not equipped with navigation capabilities using GPS, the Nokia N81 has Nokia Maps application which can serve to help us on the journey. This application can serve if it is connected to a Bluetooth GPS module. Nokia N 81 is compatible with Bluetooth GPS module LD-3W is sold separately.

Using the type of BP-6MT Battery 1050 mAh power spelled out adequately with many embedded features on the Nokia N81. Used to play games, play music, browse the internet, and called for a day though not often, only the 3 bars battery missing from the available 7 bar.

We make calls with voice and video calls, voice quality good enough. The support of voice commands and talking ringtone to spell the name of the caller allows us to do the basic functions of this phone.

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