Friday, October 16, 2009

Giorgio Armani Samsung Trailer

Samsung working together with industry players from top fashion Giorgio Armani, fashion phones to carry the class "noble". But at first glance, looks like the Nokia N79 Mini.

Mobile phone manufacturers such South Korean mobile phone named Samsung B7620. With OS Windows Mobile 6.5, slide design, 3.5-inch screen, and keyped QWERTY, shapes was impressed 'imitate' Nokia N97 Mini. But the difference this phone dibanderol at approximately 1035 U.S. dolr.

Armed with ARM1176 CPU speed 800MHz, and 192MB of RAM, Samsung seems to really make this phone different from the top. In line with this, Samsung Giorgio Armani put the logo on the top of the phone, the phone body bandage.

Furthermore, this phone is equipped with said connection features such as HSDPA, WI-FI, Bluetoth, FM Radio, Tv-Out, GPS navigation, and 5MP camera. In addition, available also for 8MB of internal memory that can maximize up to 32GB.

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